Christmas 2023 Trees in the Park

Christmas 2023 will be here before you know it, and will soon be time for Trees in the Park lighting November 16th, along with the spectacular lighted parade.

Once again, over 150 trees will be available for adoption.  Trees will be available for adoption on Saturday Oct. 21 following the completion of set up.

  • The instructions for purchasing/adopting a tree are as follows:
  • Adopt a Tree  (Trees will be available for adoption after the trees are all staked in the park October 21st.)

  1. Go to Nathan Strong Park and pick up a purchase/adoption form at the entrance.
  2. Choose and tag any untagged tree.  Tag must contain name/company and phone number of contact person.
  3. If you adopt more than one tree, tag each tree.
  4. Fill out the Tree Adoption form.  You can use one form for multiple trees but be sure to tag each tree you adopt.
  5. Each tree is cost to be announced.  You can make payment by cash, check or Credit Card/PayPal.  Enclose the bottom part of the form with your payment or PayPal option circled.
  6. If paying by Credit Card/PayPal go to the form below to make a secure payment.

When paying by Credit Card/PayPal, be sure to circle Credit Card/PayPal on the adoption form before mailing in the self addressed envelope.

Trees must be decorated by Monday Nov. 13th.  You are responsible for decorations and lights. LED lights are mandatory. Power will be supplied to each tree by the Achieving a Better Community, Inc.

We ask you to put your company name/family name or Christmas greeting on an 8 ½ x 11 inch stand that will be provided. (a ziplock bag works well to protect your sign from the elements). Trees are checked twice daily to assure that your tree is tagged properly. Unnamed/untagged trees that are decorated are subject to be undecorated and made available for another party.

Trees must be undecorated by January 8th. We are not responsible for left behind decorations.ACHIEVING A BETTER COMMUNITY, INC. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ALLOW ONLY MEMORIAL OR CHRISTMAS THEMED DECORATIONS.

Trees in the Park are brought to you by the

Adopt a Tree
Adopt a Tree